Monday, January 28, 2008

Trashy threats

When I got to work this morning, I found my office trash bag lying on the floor in front of my office door. It must have been the long knife cut across the stuffed bag, and the bag's hey-we-look-just-like-intestines contents, that triggered an intensely creepy feeling deep inside of me: "Oh, no, Jack the Garbage Ripper has returned and he is trying to get me to properly recycle my trash by doing a Godfather-horse-head-in-the-bed-kind-of-thing."

But I am not scared. If anything, I am amused. I will show this undeniably sick person that violence isn't the answer.

Come on bara.


Unknown said...

Hur går det då? Har det eskalerat till väld än?

Unknown said...

Goddammit, våld menar jag jue.

Pauspling said...

Haha. Nej. Personen i fraga laser sakerligen denna blogg och forsvann med svansen mellan benen. ;)