Monday, April 30, 2007

Surprize Surprize!

A couple of seconds later:

Yowza!! Guess somebody else stole the show...

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Wow! Guess this is all for real now. My friends here in Boston surprized me last night: I got my first (and only?) Bachelorette party! Below is one of few photos where I actually look decent (sic!).

Just in case you're interested

My favorite wedding blogs:
My current favorite YouTube links:

No time to fuck

Check out these t-shirts and tops. Love them, 'cause as we say in Sweden "skenet bedrar".

Saturday, April 28, 2007

I always wanted to be Posh Spice...

...and now I am. I turns out, we both have the same syndrome. God bless us!

Alone or lonely or both?

I don't know why it always feels like I am screeming out loud without anybody noticing? I try to reach out but get no response. I am pretty sure that it is just this whole wedding thing, along with my email addiction, that makes me feel that people in general are so DAMN unprofessional. But it is driving me crazy!
  • If you have an email account, please use it! Reply to you god damn emails.
  • If you get a party/wedding invitation, please let the person know you got it and just make a quick decision whether you are attending or not (it is an easy decision).
  • If you have a company and your customers rely on you, please attend to your customers and let them know everything is going according to your plans and your agreement.
  • Be clear about your intentions and goals and don't just complain!
Just do your best in everything situation. If you want to relax; be good at relaxing! Be professional. Say "NO!" if you don't have time. Only say "YES!" if you are actually prepared to dedicate time and effort in whatever you are saying yes to.

Well, I guess that is it for now.

I... a man?

So it turns out that of all men that I admire, I am the manliest of them all. No period since January, and now I know that it is probably because of something called PCO-S. Doesn't it sound scary? Suddenly my small breast (smaller than my dad's), acne (I am soon to be 27!) and hairy legs (unless i wax them every two weeks) make perfect sense. I have abnormally high levels of testosterone in my body and thus, I AM A MAN.

Harrr harrr...

Friday, April 27, 2007

Those men...that man.

Another passion I have is Mr T, quite frankly the "bestest" man ever. I always feel as if Mr T and I are coming from two different places but always meet somewhere in between. In between is our wonderful little place where nobody else can reach us.

I guess another way to put it is by using a quote from the movie "Capote", where Truman Capote describes the difference between himself and a less successful childhood friend with the following words:
"It's as if Perry and I grew up in the same house. And one day he stood up and went out the back door, while I went out the front."
Well, Mr T and I sometimes choose different doors in the sense that we choose different views or solutions, but we always end up walking towards the same goal. We keep walking until we bump into each other, just around the corner of that same house.

Mr T also knows how to make me laugh. Indeed he does. He is smart, and he is smart enough to know that smart is funny.

I now leave you all with a little bit of him.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pop-up Delux

One of my many passions is paper engineering; especially in the form of tunnel and pop-up books.

Robert Sabuda's Encyclopedia Prehistorica books are amazing. Another favorite is the Finnish author Tove Jansson's "Hur gick det sen?". I guess I am intrigued by the simple ways in which people bring "dead" two-dimensional objects to life without using technology...

You never thought you would hear an engineer say that, did you?

Old bag lady

Bought an amazing 60's vintage dress the other day. My plan is to wear it to the graduation ceremony and ball that I am attending with Mr T on May 24. I just have to make my breasts grow about 4 inches before that date. Any ideas?


So, for the second time I am abandoning my old blog. God, I can't believe I actually went back to that horrible, ugly and grosse thing. After realizing that it only made me despressed, mostly because nobody ever replied to my entries, I made the decision to simply shut it down. Forever.

No more ugly blogs and no more ugly blogging.

In this wonderful, new blog of mine, I am going to take pleasure in all the more or less superficial things I currently think about: fashion, beauty, weddings, gossip, cool ideas, sex, and love. In that order.

You are more than welcome to join me!