Monday, May 7, 2007

Panic Gah Gah!

This semester has been rather pleasant, but some two weeks ago it suddenly turned into a semester-from-hell. Here is what I have to finish and do before the end of the month:
  • survive Media Lab Sponsor week next week
  • project in Sensor Technologies (an accelerometer that analyzes movement)
  • project + 15 page report in Autism theory and technology (study of skin conductance response in people with autism vs "normally" developed people)
  • find an apartment in Helsinki
  • book tickets to Helsinki
  • clean my room and store my furniture and other stuff somewhere in the house
  • clean my office and say farewell to people I may never see again
  • fly home and catch up with family and friends
  • attend a graduation ceremony at my old university, KTH
  • find a dress for the graduation ceremony
Had another one of those weird religious experiences today. Sunday. Church. Hear singing. Should I join? Maybe God can help me finish the projects at least? Nah, maybe next time. Don't have time.

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