Tuesday, June 5, 2007

More truths about Finland

Here are some more extremely objective (and for some reason traffic-focused) facts about Finland:
  • Truck drivers drive just 1/4 inch from the sidewalk
  • Traffic lights are always red
  • Cars never stop at the zebra crossings
  • Finns pee and poop in public more than other people
  • Buses don't stop unless you tell them to
  • In Finland you are on your own even when you are together. Even though somebody else has already waved for the bus to stop you have to wave too; preferably even more than that other person.
  • Finns can't pronounce the word "widgets"


Tom Söderlund said...

How does it sound when a Finn says "widget"?

Pauspling said...

Ask mum. ;)

Something like 'vidsetts'...