Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Play dead

While observing my colleagues, women and men in suits and serious faces, I can't help thinking that all of this - our very business-like lives - sometimes feels more like a game than anything else. We all follow the rules that have been defined for us, and when you think about it for a while, you realize that this game is by no means more real than the games we play as children. The incentives that drive us now are most likely the same incentives that made us smoke chocolate cigarettes and play doctor as kids. We observe and learn.

Take a good look around you. Eventually, this is what you'll become.

(Picture from Epica Awards)


Anonymous said...

Gud vad hemskt, jag hade förträngt de där chokladcigaretterna. How could anyone even come up with that idea in the first place? How could anyone sell those? How could anyone buy them to their kids?!

Pauspling said...

Det är naturligt eller nåt. Jag rökte shitmycket som barn...chokladcigaretter, blyertspennor och så rullade jag egna av papper! Och det gick väl bra?