Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I must admit that I am obsessed with details. Colors, layout, words. I sometimes go through my blog posts some ten, twenty times. I make small changes to make the texts sound right.

I am obsessed with numbers too. They have to have the right feel to them, you see. I like the year I was born: 1980. Even and soft. Round.

For a while, I was really worried about getting married in 2007. Taste it...2007. Say it out loud. How does it feel? Like eating candy with the paper wrap still on? Like scratching a blackboard with your nails? I can't stop wondering whether 2007 will be gone and forgotten about even before it ends. Poor 2007 will just be one of very many odd years.

Still, I am starting to change my mind. Doris Lessing won the Nobel Prize and so did Al Gore. The Red Sox won the World Series (again). And although Ingmar Bergman died, and many monks in Burma did too, I now feel that it is fair to say that the few nice things that took place in 2007 are enough.

Indeed, 2007 was a very good year.


Mute said...

Numerologically, the year 2007 (which adds up to NINE and is known as a 9 Universal Year) is going to be a year of total and consummate housecleaning for the world, its governments, its corrupted administrators, all business and social organizations and each individual soul now sharing our planet's energies.

Anonymous said...

Since you got married in 2007, it must be a good year, ey? :)

Pauspling said...

Thanks for that very thorough description, Anders! Is that according to the Chinese?