Friday, November 2, 2007

Live free or die


Let me tell you about this country that I live in. You've probably already heard people talk about it; USA is the country of fear. And it is. We are all afraid of being attacked, abused, hurt, injured, molested, raped, stabbed, shot, killed, hit, bitten, and battered. But most of all, we fear the thought of not having the possibility to chose. We hate the idea of having to obey somebody else's orders. We defy the concept that other people may have more knowledge about certain things than we do. We are all more or less like three-year-old toddlers, screaming "I can do it myself!". And although it is rather obvious to everyone, including ourselves, that we can't manage on our own, it is the notion that we are all free to do what we want that counts in the end.

"Live free or die" is what they say in New Hampshire. I think I know what they mean.


Anonymous said...

"We"? :) Har Paulina gått och blivit Amerikan? :)

Jag gillar det du skrev, mkt välskrivet. Och sant.

Pauspling said...

Haha, nej forsoker bara dolja min usa-avsky genom att spela med.