Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Screaming babies and celebrities


I think really weird things sometimes. Really, the only thing that saves me from getting branded a complete idiot is either that the person I am talking to (1) assumes I am joking, (2) stopped listening a long time ago because I am talking too much, (3) is an idiot.

Due to the weirdness of my statements and comments, I get really (and I really mean really) happy whenever somebody actually understands me or says something equally idiotic. It doesn't happen often, but when it actually happens it feels like finding a new friend or a twin that you didn't know existed because she was adopted by another family right after you were born, or something.

I found one of those long-lost twins the other day. I saw a movie, Say Anything. In one of the last scenes the female lead character starts rambling about her fear of flying and about the fact that knowing that there are small babies on board the plane makes her feel more relaxed; unless the babies are crying, because that makes her think that the babies know something that nobody else on the plane knows: the plane is going to crash.

My mind works exactly the same way. I hate flying. I always prepare to die when I fly. I call family, friends, former lovers, and teachers who didn't give me an A and ask for forgiveness. There are only two things in this world that can make me feel relaxed at take-off: (calm) babies and celebrities. I know it doesn't make much sense, but to me it does.

It's like: Why the heck would God kill someone who obviously is on a mission?


Unknown said...

Jag tänkte precis skriva att du var galen, då kom en kollega och läste över min axel. Han förstod preces vad du menade med bebisarna.
"Om de skriker blir jag också nervös, det är för att de vet".

Galna hela bunten, det är vad ni är. :)

Pauspling said...

Yes! Annu en lost tvilling!