Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Why being Swedish matters

Sometimes I really miss being Swedish...being surrounded by the Swedish just-enough-is-enough-way-of-thinking...actually caring about all the small things that make life a little bit more enjoyable.

Today, I found this text on the website of the Swedish public broadcasting company SVT:

"Spela med djurens orkester, gissa bajset och lär dig mer om skogens invånare i Myror i brallans roliga spel." [Free translation: Play music with the animal orchestra, guess poops (?), and learn more about animals who live in the forrest in Ants in the pants' fun game].

Don't you just love Swedish innocence?


Anonymous said...

I do :) In a way I can't stand the Swedish it's-enough-like-it-is attitude, at the same time I think it's absolutely lovely. Being humble is quite admirable after all.

Pauspling said...

I know exactly what you mean...as with everything it is nice sometimes and sometimes it is not...