Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pink fantasies

Image: PingMag

I must admit that I love when people engage in me. When they find things in stores and think: "This is so Paulina". Tom does that a lot. Small things every now and then. I like it because it makes me real, somehow. It makes my existence and my personality more obvious; I actually exist outside my own head, and people do notice me. They listen and observe.

My roomie Gena boosts my self-image every now and then by sending me links to things that she thinks I may like or be interested in. And she is usually right. Her latest tip: the Japanese illustrator OHGUSHI.


Anonymous said...

Jag gillar det du skriver om hur det hänger ihop med ens self-image :)
Och bilden var sjukt fin.

Pauspling said...

Jupp. Jag ar nog egentligen ganska ego nar det galler det mesta.