Monday, November 5, 2007

Conversations at a high-tech dinner table

Dinner is ready. Tom sits down at the dinner table. Paulina gets her computer and sits down right next to him.

T: No, please. Not.
P: Not what?
T: No computers during dinner. Please.
P: Just five minutes? I have to check my emails. I'll die if I don't.
T: Well, OK. Five minutes then.
P: Thanks. You can even count the minutes. I don't need more than 5.
T: Alright.

While Paulina is trying to check her emails on a slow connection, Tom opens up his laptop and starts watching YouTube videos. Paulina looks at him with anger. Tom doesn't notice. After 5 minutes of desperately trying to access her email account Paulina slams her laptop shut and runs into her room, crying. Tom runs after.

T: Honey, what's the problem?
P: Pfff... *sob* *sob*
T: Come on, why are you angry? What did I do wrong? Tell me.
P: Can't you see what you did wrong? Are you blind?! *sob*
T: I have no idea! What is it? Tell me.
P: Pfff...Don't you understand? YOU STOLE MY BANDWIDTH!


If there is something - anything - that this example can teach us all. Please let me know.


Unknown said...

Jag förstod inte alls först, men sista repliken var en stor aha-upplevelse. :)

Pauspling said...

Det var precis min mening. :)

Misstänker att det finns en hel drös som inte ens förstår den sista meningen.

Anonymous said...

men du dog inte trots allt, tur var väl det :)