Saturday, November 17, 2007

Conversations in a high-tech bed

Paulina and Tom have just woken up and linger in bed. Tom has a happy, dreamy look on his face.

P: What are you thinking of?
T: Google Android.


Anonymous said...

You two are so high-tech that you scare me sometimes :)

Pauspling said...

I know. It scares me too. That's why I have to write and makes jokes about it.

Anonymous said...

Tech can be scary :)

Unknown said...

High-tech och scary går inte alls ihop för mig. Om man kunde byta ut sitt blod till små små nanorobotar så skulle jag göra det.

Mm... high-tech.

Pauspling said...

Ja, nu var det val inte high-techen i sig som var skrammande utan T's och min relation till den. Men det kanske ar typ samma sak? :)