Tuesday, February 26, 2008

His iPhone is broken

Image: The Sydney Morning Herald

Tom's almost-as-dear-to-me-as-Paulina-iPhone apparently didn't like San Francisco. How else am I supposed to interpret the fact that it suddenly stopped working after a day or two in SF? The phone is not completely dead, but at least the speaker is, which means that when we talk I can hear him but he can't hear me:

- Ring, ring.
- Tom speaking.
- Hi, it's me. Paulina.
- Hello?
- Hi. It's me.
- Hello??
- I can't hear you. I think my phone is fu**ed up. Anyway, if you can hear me I just want you to know that I love you and that I miss you so much. Bye.
- (Paulina, so sad that she is not able to express her feelings) *sob*

Call ended.

Later that week.

- Ring, ring.
- Hey, it's me aga...
- (Tom, interrupting) Hey it's Tom. I'm still not able to hear you. I don't know why you are calling but I can tell you that I just got out of the airport and am waiting for the bus. I'll be home in less than an hour.
- (Paulina, amazed by the fact that Tom knew why she was calling but still frustrated) *sob*

Conclusion: This whole one-way-communication things seems to work better than I would ever expect but it still makes me slightly uncomfortable. You see, it has a very obvious phone sex/hot line kind of feeling to it. All I have to do is call a number to listen to Tom's kind words and he has no idea what I am doing on the other end.


Unknown said...

iToys suck!


Pauspling said...

Tihi. Vad foredrar du?

Pauspling said...

Och...jag glomde: i den har bloggen far man svara i kyrkan. verkligen.

Unknown said...

Alltså, jag föredrar saker som användaren får skruva i.

Byta batteri på din iPod? Not gonna happen. Köp en ny.

Byta grafikkort på din mac? Uppmuntras icke.

Det är väl det som är priset för användarvänligheten, man måste minska användarens möjligheter, så minskar möjligheten att göra fel.

Inga av de här sakerna är nu omöjliga att göra, men jag vill inte lägga min tid på att bråka med hårdvara för att få den att bete sig som jag vill, när det enda jag vill är att den ska ge mig lite frihet, sånt finns ju redan.

Pauspling said...

Jag med! Jag vill ha en Nokiatelefon med lika stor skarm som the iPhone och multi touch sa klart.