Friday, February 29, 2008

Pata, pata, pata pon!


This blog is not turning into a video game review blog. I can assure you that. Still, I simply can't resist talking about one of the latest Sony PSP games, Patapon. I tell y'all right now, this game's cuteness knows no limits. None. What. So. Ever. The storyline is even more satisfying than an Oscar night full of gala gowns: An army of small, yet brave, warriors (Patapon) have lost their (war) rhythm and it is up to you to help them get it back.

The rest is, as we say: "PATA PATA PATA PON".

It'll stick to your brain. For sure.


Anonymous said...


i LOVE this game

i downloaded (shhhhhhhh) it onto my hacked (shhhhhh) psp yesterday and it RULES :D

but the desert D:

Unknown said...

PSP. Har ingen. :/

Pauspling said...

Inte vara neggo, L. Min man har PSP.

Unknown said...
Jag är ju bara neggo för att jag inte har någon. Det är säkert en jättebra konsoll.